Children's Alterations

Nothing feels quite as fine as wearing a brand new suit or dress. However, problems sometimes get in the way of fully enjoying your new garment. Maybe the hemline isn’t quite in the right position, or the sleeves are just a touch too long. These are the situations that call for a clothing alteration service from professional tailoring services.

At K & K Alterations, we don’t just specialize in making you look your best, we can do the same for your child! Make sure your little prince or princess has clothes that are perfectly tailored to his or her specifications. Whether for a formal event, or just a family reunion, you want to make a statement about how handsome or beautiful your child has become. We have the experts who can ensure your child looks their very best.

Children’s alteration services require a keen eye, special knowledge about particular clothing, and care for a child’s comfort, both during the measuring process and in the tailoring. Fortunately, our professionals fit all of these needs.

Children’s clothing alteration is just one of the many services offered by K & K Alterations in Henrico VA. This company is staffed by true experts in the fields of garment preservation, and we’ll make every effort to give you the results that you want.